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I’m Lee and I’m employed as Notice Administration Manager within the PCN & Business Support Team based from our Head Office in Chelmsford.

The recruitment process for my myself was faultless from my first initial conversation with the HR & Training Director, right through to my final interviews with Directors and the PCN & Business Support Manager. I was made to feel welcome and at ease from the moment I stepped into the offices. The communication throughout the process was one of the main factors that I accepted the role, I was made to feel important and wanted as a candidate and to made to feel that I would play a big part within the company.

My Induction into the business and office in general was extremely busy but very engaging. All training was delivered at the correct pace and I felt very quickly that I was making a difference and contributing to the overall goals of the company. What I love about my job is that I work with talented and passionate people who are making my role very enjoyable and rewarding. My role also allows me the flexibility to balance my work and personal life.

I’ve never worked somewhere that feels like family until I landed here.

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