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Aerial Surveys - Horizon Parking

How does it work?

Aerial surveys carries out visual surveys at significant height to collect images and videos of exterior data. Whether this be for a commercial roof or a site map of a car park the surveys can collate data for clients to make decisions based on visuals from the sky. Various deliverables are made available from drone data, depending on the sector, drones are very versatile to meet the clients needs.

Surveyors will provide detailed imagery and analysis of occupancy spaces, hotspots and trends to maximise usage and performance of assets. This links to our Sale of Spaces service to identify additional spaces, or for retailers to see if they can use the car park for additional services such as Drive Thru, or sale to Residential developers for example.

  • We will
  • Reduce H&S risks with using at height equipment for manual checks

  • Access to hard to reach areas

  • Reduces time taken to carry out surveys compared to land based surveys

  • Reduce costs to operations of hiring equipment

  • Detailed imagery and analysis of occupancy of spaces, hotspots, and trends to enable maximisation of usage and performance of assets

  • Aerial video footage for media and advertising Individually tailored surveys as per client specifications and requirements

  • Accurate site maps and progress mapping and monitoring of development projects

  • Assessment of structural conditions to facilitate maintenance programmes

  • Heat maps generated from aerial photographs taken at regular intervals.

  • Lease or Buy

    We can help you turn an idle land asset into a profit centre.

  • Permit Parking

    A simple management solution to control misuse or generate revenue from your parking areas.

  • Self Ticketing

    A free management solution, allowing you to retain total control your parking areas – with our guidance and support.

  • Specialist Parking

    An effective management solution to help you ensure that you specialist bays are always available for those who need them.

  • Car Park Design

    We can help you get the most out of your parking areas through great design.

  • Park, Shop & Pay

    A flexible management solution that allows customers to park, shop and pay on their terms.

  • Pay & Display

    A traditional management solutions to generate revenue and protect your spaces from misuse.

  • ANPR

    A reliable management solution to enhance compliance and help you maximise the turnover of your spaces.

  • Marshalling

    A customer-friendly approach for managing seasonal or event parking during busy periods.

  • Attendant

    A well understood management solution to help you improve the turnover of your spaces with the personal touch.