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Lease or Buy opportunities - Horizon Parking

How does it work?

Have you considered getting more from your land or property portfolio by converting such assets into profitable cash generating car parks?

Whether you are a landowner, investor or managing agent with land or property awaiting redevelopment and keen to maximise revenue we can help you generate a return or a better return on either a temporary or permanent basis. You may already have such land tied up as a car park. If you want to check you have the right deal or seek an alternative partner please contact us. We are actively looking for long and short term joint ventures or leases which can be FRI leases, turnover rent or profit share arrangements.

  • The Benefits
  • Regular revenue stream from idle assets
  • Allows you to generate income while retaining ownership of your land
  • No ongoing financial outlay
  • Sustainable and maintenance free
  • Creditworthy tenant who will work with you to get the most from your asset
  • Lease or Buy

    We can help you turn an idle land asset into a profit centre.

  • Permit Parking

    A simple management solution to control misuse or generate revenue from your parking areas.

  • Self Ticketing

    A free management solution, allowing you to retain total control your parking areas – with our guidance and support.

  • Specialist Parking

    An effective management solution to help you ensure that you specialist bays are always available for those who need them.

  • Car Park Design

    We can help you get the most out of your parking areas through great design.

  • Park, Shop & Pay

    A flexible management solution that allows customers to park, shop and pay on their terms.

  • Pay & Display

    A traditional management solutions to generate revenue and protect your spaces from misuse.

  • ANPR

    A reliable management solution to enhance compliance and help you maximise the turnover of your spaces.

  • Marshalling

    A customer-friendly approach for managing seasonal or event parking during busy periods.

  • Attendant

    A well understood management solution to help you improve the turnover of your spaces with the personal touch.