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Park, Stay & Pay - Horizon Parking

How does it work?

Simple, free access and egress for customers with no barriers. Our cameras automatically photograph and process all vehicles as they enter and leave your car park. Customers simply visit one of the payment kiosks when they are ready to leave to either pay for their parking or register for their free parking period. Alternatively customers can validate or pay for their parking online.

Our Park Shop & Pay solution protects your car park revenue, does away with complex barrier systems allowing customers to park shop and pay on their terms. Our solution allows you to incentivise parking or provide free parking through a voucher validation system. We can provide a full turnkey solution from installation, commissioning and operation through to enforcement and ongoing maintenance.

Our management approach can be tailored to individual site requirements and provides a flexible approach to enforcement, allowing you to set and change the parking restrictions and more importantly retain control over these restrictions.

Park, Shop & Pay : How it works video

  • We will
  • Undertake a free no-obligation site survey and provide a detailed management proposal
  • Install the signage setting out parking terms and conditions
  • Administer the system and manually check all breaches
  • Provide a fully trained attendant to assist customers and to monitor and enforce parking conditions
  • Provide statistical and financial reporting on your car park
  • Provide a customer support team to assist with queries, cancellations and appeals
  • Count, bank and reconcile all of the parking income
  • The benefits
  • No need for customers to worry whether they have paid enough or allowed themselves enough time
  • Removes the need for customers to have the right change
  • Removes the inconvenience of having to go back to the vehicle to display a ticket
  • Versatile validation process allows you to offer free parking or a free parking period
  • Multiple payment options: customer can choose to pay at kiosk, validate their parking online or set up an account
  • Choose to either issue warnings or Parking Charge Notices (PCNs) for any breaches
  • You can manage both long and short stay parking easily within the same parking area
  • Flexible permit system, allowing you to exempt vehicles using either a white list or a variety of different permit solutions
  • Transparent in operation – we can link cameras to a variable message sign at the entrance, which tells customers what time they entered
  • Live statistical management information and comprehensive data reporting
  • Lease or Buy

    We can help you turn an idle land asset into a profit centre.

  • Permit Parking

    A simple management solution to control misuse or generate revenue from your parking areas.

  • Self Ticketing

    A free management solution, allowing you to retain total control your parking areas – with our guidance and support.

  • Specialist Parking

    An effective management solution to help you ensure that you specialist bays are always available for those who need them.

  • Car Park Design

    We can help you get the most out of your parking areas through great design.

  • Park, Shop & Pay

    A flexible management solution that allows customers to park, shop and pay on their terms.

  • Pay & Display

    A traditional management solutions to generate revenue and protect your spaces from misuse.

  • ANPR

    A reliable management solution to enhance compliance and help you maximise the turnover of your spaces.

  • Marshalling

    A customer-friendly approach for managing seasonal or event parking during busy periods.

  • Attendant

    A well understood management solution to help you improve the turnover of your spaces with the personal touch.