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Marshalling and Event Parking

How does it work?

Whether it is temporary or permanent, for national or local events, or to minimise disruption during construction projects, we will provide a highly motivated team of experienced, customer-focused marshals to keep traffic flowing, reduce congestion and to maximise the turnover of your parking spaces.

  • We will
  • Undertake a free no-obligation site survey and provide a traffic management plan
  • Help you to plan your event using our years of traffic and parking management experience
  • Provide experienced marshals to direct traffic using ‘space lollipops’ and illuminated marshalling wands
  • Supply marshals trained in customer service
  • Provide a full signing strategy including variable message signs and traffic light services for any event
  • Apply on your behalf for temporary traffic regulation orders and work with local highway authorities to deliver the best solution for your event
  • The Benefits
  • Keeps traffic flowing and helps to reduce congestion
  • Maximises the turnover of your spaces during busy periods
  • Minimises disruption and helps you retain customers
  • Delivers a positive long-lasting impression of your event or customers’ shopping experience
  • Lease or Buy

    We can help you turn an idle land asset into a profit centre.

  • Permit Parking

    A simple management solution to control misuse or generate revenue from your parking areas.

  • Self Ticketing

    A free management solution, allowing you to retain total control your parking areas – with our guidance and support.

  • Specialist Parking

    An effective management solution to help you ensure that you specialist bays are always available for those who need them.

  • Car Park Design

    We can help you get the most out of your parking areas through great design.

  • Park, Shop & Pay

    A flexible management solution that allows customers to park, shop and pay on their terms.

  • Pay & Display

    A traditional management solutions to generate revenue and protect your spaces from misuse.

  • ANPR

    A reliable management solution to enhance compliance and help you maximise the turnover of your spaces.

  • Marshalling

    A customer-friendly approach for managing seasonal or event parking during busy periods.

  • Attendant

    A well understood management solution to help you improve the turnover of your spaces with the personal touch.